Sagittarius Waterproof Zodiac Sticker

$ 5.00

Elevate your personal style with our Sagittarius Zodiac Sticker, a captivating representation of the ninth zodiac sign. This enchanting illustration features the archer, symbolizing Sagittarius, aiming an arrow toward the cosmos. Surrounding her are billowing clouds, twinkling stars, and delicate flowers.

This waterproof and weather-proof sticker is not only a stylish accessory but also a statement piece for those who embrace the adventurous and imaginative spirit of Sagittarius. Whether you're a true Sagittarian or simply appreciate the artistry of astrology, this sticker adds an air of elegance and cosmic intrigue to your belongings, turning everyday items into personalized works of art. Carry the spirit of "Archer of the Cosmos" with you and let your imagination soar.

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Approximately 2.5 inches
Designed and printed in the USA