The Universe Has Big Plans Rainbow Maker Window Sticker

$ 10.00

Transform your window into an inspiring realm with our "The Universe Has Big Plans for You" Rainbow Maker Decal. This enchanting window art features the hand-lettered message amidst a delightful frame of flowers. As the sun's rays pass through, watch in awe as rainbows dance and fill your space with vibrant colors. L

et this captivating sun catcher sticker uplift your home, infusing it with positive energy and a sense of purpose. Embrace the enchantment of the "The Universe Has Big Plans for You" Rainbow Maker and let it remind you that the universe has extraordinary plans in store.

Measures approximately 4 x 4 inches.
Packaged in clear plastic with kraft header card.
Instructions included on the back.
Designed and printed in the USA.

For Optimal Results:

  1. Before applying the sticker, ensure the glass surface is thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any dust, dirt, or debris.
  2. Gently peel the decal from its backing and affix it with the adhesive side against the chosen surface. For the most enchanting rainbow effect, we recommend placing the decal in a sunlit window.
  3. Once satisfied with the decal's placement, use a credit or debit card (or a similar tool) to glide across the sticker's surface, smoothing it out and eliminating any trapped air bubbles.

Remember, these decals are easily removable! When you decide to relocate them, simply peel them off slowly, starting from one corner. Any residual adhesive can be effortlessly removed using rubbing alcohol from the previous location. Enjoy the magic of rainbows with flexibility and ease!