Celestial Dreamscape Holiday Wrapping Paper

$ 12.00 $ 8.00

Elevate your gift-giving with our "Mushroom Magic Christmas Wrapping Paper"!

This whimsical wrapping paper showcases colorful mushrooms in shades of pink, yellow, and blue, set against a dark green background with teal greenery. Each sheet is a journey into an enchanted forest, where these vibrant fungi take center stage.

Wrap your presents with a touch of magic this holiday season. The charming design adds a sense of wonder and delight to your gifts, making the act of giving even more special. Whether you're preparing presents for loved ones or adding a festive touch to your home decor, this wrapping paper is the perfect choice. 

Make this holiday season truly magical with "Mushroom Magic Christmas Wrapping Paper." Bring a touch of enchantment to your gifts and create unforgettable moments.

Contains 3, 20 x 29 in sheets.
Wrapped in clear plastic roll with brand sticker.
Designed and printed in the USA.