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You Are Made of Magic

You Are Made of Magic
I am absolutely thrilled to announce the release of my first book: You Are Made of Magic.  This coloring book is a creative venture into self-discovery, offering the opportunity to get still, tap into your creative energy, and connect to the mantras and messages present in each page.  I have put so much love, energy, and intention into its pages, spending nearly a year working on it in secret, and to have it here and available out in the great big world is such an incredible and surreal feeling.  My greatest hope is that it serves as a creative meditation of sorts, allowing you to dig deep and meet a higher version of yourself with every page.
Creating this book has been an incredibly beautiful and healing experience, coming into my life in divine and perfect timing. Creating this book has provided a way for me to pour so much of my heart and soul, everything I have grown through, the lessons I've learned and mantras I repeat daily into a tangible thing to share with you.  Each design is inspired by the journey I've taken and it's such a beautiful experience getting to release it into the world after working on it behind the scenes for so long.  I hope that as you take the time to get creative and bring these designs to life in your own unique way, you will also give yourself the opportunity to get still and present, clear your mind, and reflect on the messages embedded in each page.  I hope that this book can serve as a tool on your own path to personal growth and healing and aid you in finding your power, voice, and magic.
The book is available online and in-stores everywhere on August 8th, if it resonates with you, you can find a list of retailers stocking it here to get your own copy.  I truly hope that you feel the power and love in its pages, and I cannot wait to see what magic you create with it!  

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